The Mute Swan

$ 115.95
$ 115.95
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Famous for its slightly curved and sensual shape, the Mute Swan makes its presence known. Unique vibrations at each end complement the virtually seamless silicone finish allowing you to feel its strong vibrations across the entire surface. With a full play area that offers double the pleasure of most other vibrators, this Swan's pointed tip makes it able to target the right spot with the boldest power. The gently curved body is accurately angled to provide deep stimulation that will make you want to dive head first into uninhibited pleasure. Material: 100% Seamless Silicone . ABS USB rechargeable, cable included. Charge Time: 2 Hours Run Time: Up to 8 Hours Dimensions: Overall Length - 7.87 inches Width - (small end) 1.18 inches. (large end) 1.56 inches

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